We recognize that the foundation of the child welfare system and social services in the
United States is steeped in racial and class prejudice. These institutions historically and
presently work alongside systems of policing in ways that cause harm to marginalize
people by enforcing social norms stemming from white supremacy. We acknowledge
these truths because we know these systems can be better, and ignoring this history
only continues the harm.


In 2019, Montana received over $3M from HUD in support of 17 different projects addressing youth homelessness across the state. The YAB helps approve these projects and recommends better-serving youth in ways that respect their agency when receiving services.

This group seeks to genuinely engage youth to address problems they are having – this could help find stable housing, understand their rights and community resources, get connected to educational supports, and so much more!

The Montana Youth Action Board cares about and is committed to:

Our Goals


Build trust between young people and service providers by encouraging providers to demonstrate their commitment to youth needs by making changes based on youth feedback and authentic youth engagement. Communicate to grantees that trust can only be gained when they are accountable to the needs of youth and genuinely care about repairing the harm that these systems have caused to youth, particularly disabled, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC youth.


Plan and participate in outreach events in YAB members’ communities with the purpose of increasing youth awareness of support services like permanent supportive housing, drop-in centers, legal help, and more.

Education opportunities

Encourage and promote services that help individuals with applying, enrolling in, and paying for school. Educate people that work with YHDP programs about housing issues that young people face in Montana through storytelling and youth-led panels.

Local policy involvement

Build YAB presence in city council meetings and legislature across the state of Montana.

Join The Youth Action Board


Contribute to making Montana safer for at-risk youth and young adults

Improve personal, professional and emotional skillsets

Connect with relevant resources for housing issues.

Receive $25/hour for your work!

Requirements for participation

Age of 16-24 

Currently living in Montana 

Experience with homelessness and/or housing insecurity 

Participate in monthly meetings

Commit 3-4 hours minimum each month for meetings and projects 

our members


They / Them
Favorite Change maker: Gladys Aylward


Chloe Runs Behind


Favorite Change Maker:
Audre Lorde


Brandon Anderson




They / Them 

Favorite Change Maker:
Audre Lorde 




Change Maker: Dr. Robin Zasio




Change Maker: Henry David Thoreau


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