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Training: Equal Access, LGBTQIA+, and Family Separation

HUD’s Equal Access rules ensures that all individuals – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity – have equal access to HUD’s Department of Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs, shelters, benefits, services and accommodations. Here is a terrific YouTube video and accompanying training slide deck on Equal Access requirements and strategies to provide all individuals who interact with CoC funded agencies with a safe, healthy, inclusive, affirming and discrimination-free environment.

2021 NOFO Competition for Renewal Project Applications

53% of renewal project scoring is based upon HUD’s System Performance Measures (SysPM) and using actual data from the most recent, fully completed Annual Performance Report.  Another 40% of the scoring uses other objective scoring criteria with the remaining being subjective narratives related to how a project meets a need identified in a local Needs and Gaps Assessment.

2021 NOFO Process

A Scorecard Committee consisting of five voting members are assisted by a national technical assistance consultant to review past scorecards and the current NOFO to develop the scoring criteria and point valuations for the 2021 Competition. Separate scoring are developed for new and renewal project applications as well as for Domestic Violence (DV) and non DV projects.  The draft scorecards are then presented to the MT CoC Coalition Board of Directors for discussion, change and final adoption.